iBIOS Prepares UK Launch

UK based startup set to reinvent online booking management

iBIOS takes a new and innovative approach to managing and marketing your stock availability online. No more percentage based commission, no annual or monthly fees for the use of our ground breaking software, no need for multiple solutions for different assets such as guest rooms and restaurant tables, advertise availability and take bookings, your way, directly from your own web site or social media pages, and all of this is just the tip of the iceberg...

The goal of iBIOS Systems is to promote and support your business - not rob from it. We aim to make you more efficient and more profitable by introducing an alternative, highly innovative and commission free online booking channel, and providing you with the software tools necessary to integrate fully and effectively with this new revenue stream.

We are committed to marketing this booking channel to the hilt, and using it to drive targeted guests directly to your web pages, but we can't promote a search engine which has nothing to find... We need Hotels.

To this end, we are opening up our 'early adoption' initiative. By registering your support for our aims and objectives (using the form below) we will advertise your business completely free of any cost or obligation. When we have 'enough' interest we will launch the software, adding availability to our search pages, and giving you the option to evaluate our services and solutions before making any purchasing decision. If you find that we are delivering on our promises you can either register with us and continue to benefit from our services, or simply walk away.

The approach proposed by iBIOS really does have the potential to change the online booking industry for the better. If you haven't done so already, we invite you to look around our site and see how iBIOS can increase your productivity and profitability.

Thank you for your time and, hopefully, your support. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Danny Martin
CTO - iBIOS Systems


  The iBIOS Advantage

iBIOS Systems aim to resolve current issues with online booking and marketing, by addressing four key problem areas:

Agent's Commission Fees
Commission Rates charged by the major online booking agents are too high, and fundamentally unfair. There is no reason, other than sheer greed, to charge percentage based commission.
iBIOS will not charge any commission for online bookings taken through our site.
3rd Party Software
Booking Management software is an absolute necessity for handling online availability, so why don't the booking agents provide it? Instead they leave this to unrelated, 3rd party companies to provide - all at additional cost. This makes no sense.
iBIOS provides the software as part of our package. There are no additional fees.
All those 'Book Now' buttons on your booking pages drive your visitors to other people's web sites. In internet terms, these are adverts. Not only that, they are adverts that you are paying to display!
Our 'Booking Site' will send our visitors to you, not the other way around. We deliver targeted custom direct to your website or social media pages.
Multiple Asset Management
All of the above are compounded by requiring multiple solutions for multiple asset types. Your rooms are advertised with one agent, your restaurant tables with another, both requiring different management software with no integration between the two.
The iBIOS Site and Software allow for the integrated promotion and management of all your bookable assets.

Register your support [Hotels]

If you have any enquiries regarding the iBIOS System, our site, software or general goals, please contact us at: info@ibios.co.uk.